Start With the Ending

i really like story-tellers.  When i was a little kid, my mom had a video tape that she had bought at a conference or something, and it just had people telling stories on it.  i used to love to watch that tape.  It wasn’t anything special; just a guy on a stage telling stories, but i could repeat those tales almost verbatim.  i enjoyed listening to my mother tell stories.  She used to read them to us, but i really liked it when she told us about stuff that had happened to her, or other people in our family.  There’s just something really memorable about someone who is actually engaged in what they are telling you.

Now, i find myself loving to listen to song-writers who are story-tellers.  There’s a lot of musical imperfection that i can overlook if the person who is singing is really engaged in what they are conveying.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no amount of conviction that will make me enjoy the local karaoke bar’s rendition of Beat It, but there is something truly inspiring about guys like Dave Barnes, David Wilcox and Jonah Werner.  They talk in between the songs they sing and that’s usually entertaining, but what gets me is that they aren’t just singing what they’ve memorized.  They’re painting you a picture.  They’re bringing you into their world.  They are communicating with sincerity!

David Wilcox wrote a song called “Start With the Ending” where he talks about how much more honest we’d be if we started every relationship by ending it.  Basically, what it comes down to, is the idea that (and this is most obvious in male/female relationships, but is true for so many more areas of life) when we begin a relationship with someone, we’re so worried about “maintaining” that relationship that we start to hide what we really feel behind our insecurities.  Most of the time not talking about certain things leads to not talking about anything… and the relationship ends badly anyway.

So why not be honest from the beginning?…

i have accepted a new position at Pine Cove.  i’m going to be the AV Manager.  i’m moving out of my 5 year home in maintenance and into the IT department.  i was really excited to hear that the guys in that department really wanted me over there, but when they offered me the job i felt insecurity jump up inside of me.  In a flash, i could see myself going through the first few days of working in this new department, just trying to fake that i knew ANYTHING about what they were talking about.  i got very uncomfortable.  So i decided to end it before it began.  Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t refuse the job.  Obviously, i’ve already said that i’m doing it.  But i stopped Cody mid-presentation and expressed, plainly, that i didn’t know much in this field. He wasn’t surprised by this information, and he and Chad both reassured me that my immediate future would hold a lot of training, but the point is that you can’t go into new things in your life pretending to be something you’re not.

“The truth will set you free.” – Heard it from a pretty smart guy.

So here’s my encouragement to you: Be honest.  Be sincere. Every day of your life. In the story you’re writing, it doesn’t matter what you risk losing, you’ll lose much more by pretending to be something that you’re not.


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