Like a Stone

I’ve decided that all of my post titles are gonna be songs in my itunes library.  Creative, huh?

I chose this Audioslave song because i’m feeling pretty heavy.  The Rangers aren’t doing well right now.  This shouldn’t affect me this much at all.  I was so excited that we made it to the post season.  I was glad when we won more than one game… then one series… then we beat the Yankees, and i kept telling myself, in all of these wins, that it was good enough and they’ve done more than was expected and played so well.  But now they’re losing.

They’re losing in the World Series to the Giants.  I don’t want to take anything away from the Giants.  They’re real good and they’re playing well, but this is disappointing.  It’s not disappointing because they’re losing to the Giants.  It’s disappointing because they are NOT playing like the team that beat the Rays and the Yankees.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  If we’re gonna lose at least make them fight for it.

We can pitch better.  We can field better.  And we can definitely hit better.  Play baseball fellas!

There’s my rant for the day.

Y’all have a good Friday!


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