Where are you goin’?

Some would say that 27 is much to young for a mid-life-crisis.  In the traditional sense, i agree.  i’m not gonna run out and buy some expensive car or an RV or anything.  But the truth of the matter is, you are never too young to evaluate where you’re at and where you’re headed.

I didn’t like college. It was hard to feel like i really fit in around there.  People seemed to know what they were going to do, and were excited about the classes they were taking to get there (or at least were faking it very well).  Don’t get me wrong, the relationships with friends and faculty that i was blessed with in those four years were AMAZING.  But most of them will be the first to tell you, i was pretty much miserable for 4 years.

Here’s what i think.  Somewhere in the midst of school and all that other stuff, i lost a little direction.  I’m still pretty certain that the traditional academic route is not the direction i see in my future, but lately i have found that i do enjoy learning.  Imagine that. All that time that i wasted moaning about how i didn’t want to be  in school was just misplaced energy that i should have been channeling into finding out where or how i should be learning.

If you are in College and reading this: FINISH! Don’t quit in the middle.  You WILL regret it.

If you are in High School: GO TO COLLEGE!  If you are thinking about not going, you better have a bullet proof plan for the next 30 years that explains, in detail, how you plan on reaching the goals that you have without an education… believe me, there is no bullet proof plan.  I didn’t enjoy school, but it was something i needed to do.  And mostly, the lack of enjoyment was due to not taking ownership of my decisions.  Go to school… but always evaluate the path that you’re on.  Don’t be scared to seriously consider other options.

With that in mind, i wonder what stifled dreams are out there.


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